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Expert and Cost-Effective Legal Translation Services

Are you looking for legal translation services online? Here you will find comprehensive, cost-effective, accurate, legal document translation services. If you want to know where to translate legal documents with maximum results and how to choose the most adequate legal translation company, you have come to the right place.

We offer the best legal translation services, and you can get your legal document translated, notarized, and certified as quickly as possible, and most importantly, with outstanding quality. Continue reading to know how to get legal documents translated.

Today, with companies more globalized, new challenges are brought into the scope, and therefore the need to translate and localize important legal documents into several languages.

Each country has its own legal authorities, operating in their own procedures, laws, and rules, and this is one more thing to consider when choosing the right legal document translation provider.

Our large network of subject matter expert legal translators is capable to meet all the requirements to make sure your legal document translations are flawless and in compliance and in accordance with every specific case.

We offer several types of legal documents translation online, some examples are: birth certificate legal translation, legal contract translation, certified legal documents translation services, court document translation, legal financial translations, and many more.

Who Can Translate Legal Documents?

Legal Document Translation Services

Our legal subject matter experts are capable to translate a wide range of legal documents. We only use certified legal translators who are fluent in both languages he/she is working on, and native speakers of the target language.

This ensures that there is no misinterpretation when performing the translation of your legal document and no unexpected legal terminology mistakes.

When tranlsating legal documents, some of the most popular languages we work with are: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Arabic. These are only the most popular languages, for the complete list, you can access our Online Consultancy Form clicking here. If you see that your language is not listed in the dropdown source or target language list, just let us know and we will make a further assessment in order to serve you better, and provide you with a fair quotation.

Legal Translation – What is it?

To perform legal translation with the best quality possible, several conditions need to be met such as an adequate legal system comprehension, sharp awareness of both source and target language culture, knowledgeable and committed translators capable to produce a translation using accurate legal terminology.

If you want to know further what is a legal translation, it means the translation of legal information from a source language (the original language of the document you want translated) into a target language (the language that you want your document translated into).

Considering the discrepancy of legal systems across different countries, the translator assigned to the task of translating your legal document must necessarily have a profound knowledge about the legal system of the language he/she uses for the translation.

You Can Rely On Us for Professional Legal Language Services

Here at Accurate Translation Services, we can help you to find specialized legal expertise for the translation of all your legal documents, no matter which type of legal document translation you need. We are here to be your go-to solution for outstanding and attested translation of legal documents.

Law has a diverse number of areas, which is why we are ready to accompany you throughout all the process to provide you the best professional legal translation services. We only work with a network of experienced and qualified legal translators committed to provide you with only the best legal translation services, and in different language combinations.

It is actually quite simple to translate legal documents with us. You first send us a quote request with your document to be translated, including any specific requirements you may have, i.e.: if you want a legal certified translation, a regular legal translation, or if it is an urgent request for the translation of legal documents.

We then assess your request and send a reply detailing the next step to proceed with your order and assign the task to the most immediate available professional legal expert translator to work on your project/document.

Some More Examples of the Legal Documents We Can Translate

Legal Documents Translation Online

Such as N.D.A (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Computer Services Agreement, Financial Statements, Land Contract, Warranty Deed, Corporate Bylaws, Assignment of Partnership Interest, Memorandum of Understanding, Commercial Lease Warning Notice, Contract Addendum, Construction Contract, Digital Image License, Director’s Resolution.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement, Grantor Trust (Revocable Living Trust), Lease Application, Trademark Assignment, Shareholder’s Consent to Action Without Meeting, Health Care Directive, Independent Contract Agreement, Invoice Form, Letter of Intent, Lien Release, Termination Agreement, and Many More.

If you are in doubt about the document you want to translate, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Certified Translations and Sworn Translations

We have a network of certified and sworn translators, accredited by courts, all over the world to attend your certified and sworn translation needs. Besides reliability and accuracy when translating your official legal documents, our specialist legal language translators also possess the right amount of experience, qualification, and level of commitment to make the process of translating your important legal documents as smooth as possible.

Here at Accurate Translation Services, you can have peace of mind and be sure that you get the right professional certified translation services and sworn translation services’ solutions.

Difference Between Certified and Notarized Translation Service

A notarized translation is another type amongst the legal document translation services we offer. It has this name due to the translation undergoing the process of being stamped by the notary republic for authenticity.

The certificate of accuracy, provided by the legal translation agency is then sealed by the notary officer. This can add an additional authenticity level to a certified translation as the notary public is affirming that the translator or the company issued the accuracy certificate.

These legal proceedings are performed with the purpose to increase the translation credibility by certifying and/or notarizing the same, and this is often requested by legal offices worldwide.

Choose the Right Legal Translation Company to Translate your Legal Document

Legal Translation Agency

One of the things to be aware when you are in the process of choosing a legal translation company to provide you with legal translation online services is the charged price.

If the company is charging too cheap to translate your important documents, this often means that the quality of your translated legal document will not be acceptable.

Translation companies / agencies that charge extremely cheap prices, are also those known for using non-native and non-specialized translators to translate your documents. Subject matter expert translations take a lot of time to develop, even decades; accepting the lowest bid level will never result in qualified professionals to take care of the translation of your important legal documents.

This can, in turn, damage the reputation of your company/business. And if you are purchasing translation services as an individual, this can also be very costly due to extensive legal processes.

Whether you represent a company, or are an individual, we treat the translation of your legal documents with the same level of attention, and apart from our translators maintaining the fidelity of your original document when translating your document, we also have a meticulous selection process of qualified and sworn translators that only translate into the language of their mother tongue to take care of your legal documents.

We can manage translations in more than 100 different languages (and this number is constantly increasing). So, no matter in which language you need your document translated or which type of legal document you have, with us, language barriers are never an obstacle, and we can help you today to achieve your objectives.

Some examples of the issues that a poorly translated legal document can generate for you and/or your business:

– Reliability loss regarding your professionalism, i.e.: by agencies, partners, courts

– Additional resources spent by attorneys and other types of professionals caused by rework

– Fines and penalties applied by agency or court in the case you fail to get a translation provider of court approved translation services

– Additional time spent to interpret the contract terminology due to providing inaccurate translation

Additional Legal Services

In the case you or your end-user wants a notarized certified translation, but he is based on a different country than USA, you may need to get an apostille for the purpose of the authentication of your notarization. We also provide such service.

Document Translation Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Translate Legal Documents? 

Document Translation Fees - Legal Translation Cost

We are an industry-leading translation agency with substantial experience in translating legal documents successfully and providing timely and outstanding online legal translation services for many years, committed to the highest translation quality standards.

In short, our legal document translation prices are competitive.

If you are looking for affordable legal language translation online, we can help you with that. Just send us a message through our online consultancy form with the details of your project/file to translate, and we will get back to you with the right solution for your legal translation solution needs.

We work with both companies and individuals and can provide online legal translation services for several purposes: your business, for immigration, for your university, your diplomas, work permits, starting or answering to lawsuits that were filed in foreign courts, relocating employees across borders, international business deals, contracts of sale and purchase of products and services, patents/patent applications.

Creating partnerships between companies, legal tax documents, terms and conditions, applying for licenses in other countries, apostille documents, investment protocols, immigration documents, licenses and permits, contracts, rental agreements, arbitration documents, affidavits, starting a business, privacy policies, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, localization services etc.

If you need an urgent translation service, this will also be considered when we reply to your request of quotation. You can be sure to only receive the best legal translation services possible. We can manage tight timelines for all our clients and working under pressure will never affect the quality of your final product, guaranteed.

A Word About Machine Translations

We also provide machine translations for translating your legal documents.

Machine Translation has the advantage of lower costs, however, not all translation fields largely benefit from this type of translation service, especially the more technical translation fields.

Going this route can mean serious loss in translation quality and accuracy if you do not choose the right machine translation service provider to translate your legal documents.

The skills of language professionals employed to translate complicated, delicate nature legal documents and legal documents in general, cannot be compared with machine learning. There is no technology capable of entirely replacing human translation, especially for highly technical documents, that also require profound subject matter expertise, no matter what you have heard in other places. Period.

In the case you still consider using a machine translation service and want a machine translation provider that are capable to manage large volumes and with reduced costs, we can provide you the quotation to translate your files with the inclusion of a post-edit fee in your order.

This means that, after the machine translation step, a professional language human translator will analyze every part of your legal documents and will search for any type of errors and/or translation inaccuracies. This will result in a translated legal document with 100% of accuracy.

Confidential Translation Services – Secrecy, Reliability, and Security

Place to Translate Documents

To ensure the security of our legal translation services, every translator we use must sign non-disclosure agreements prior to conducting any translations for us.

We know that confidentiality, security, and reliability are important things to consider, and this applies to the translation industry as well, especially when dealing with legal translations, as it involves proprietary information and privileged documents.

We make Data Confidentiality one of our priorities, and we adopt all the pertinent measures to certify that your data is secure with us. Another way we use to achieve this is by using state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, you can have 100% of peace of mind that your data is safe with us.

Order Your Legal Translation through Our Legal Translation Website Today

Our experienced, and expert legal translators are ready to take care of your legal documents and will employ all their skills to render the most appropriate legal document translation for you.

We have strict Quality Assurance / Quality Control processes, and all texts are proofread by professional translators/proofreaders and checked for any type of translation mistake, including: errors of punctuation, syntactical, typographical, spelling, accurate meaning, abbreviations and/or acronyms.

All translators are selected based on the text’s subject-matter and their legal translation language skills.

Our additional commitments when managing your legal documents are checking for the correct terminology, proper style, outstanding presentation, punctual delivery.

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