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Website Translation and Localization Services

Are you in need to translate your website and amplify the reach of your target audience? Then you need website translation and localization services to successfully present your website to potential international clients.

It is crucial nowadays to provide a user experience with excellent quality to customers. To present your business to the global audience, you need a localization strategy that is effective and efficient, and this can only be achieved when adapting both website content and all necessary information for the specific region that you want to introduce your products and/or services.

You Need to Satisfy the Expectations Both Culturally and Functionally

Website Translation and Localization Solutions Considering Both Cultural and Functional Expectations

If you want a chance to successfully compete within the business environment worldwide, then you need the right provider to adapt and localize your website to a specific market/target audience.

Furthermore, the requirements to localize a brand to a specific market will vary depending on the region and industry.

Examples of cultural content are: sizes, shapes, colors, design styles, particular icons, images, and graphics.

Examples of functional content are: technical elements such as time and date formats, contact information, weights, geographical references, and measurements.

Benefits of Translating and Localizing Your Business into Another Market/Industry

Even if you don’t know nothing about translation, you still should consider localizing your products and/or services, as it can also lead, amongst other advantages, to higher customer satisfaction, and:

  • Bring more traffic to your website, take a local idea global, generate more leads, and more business opportunities, regardless of which industry your website serves. This can, in turn, and eventually, increase your revenue, and make your business thrive and expand
  • Generate clients with limited proficiency in English language, if the location of your company/business is based in an area/city of a large international or immigrant population
  • An opportunity for your company/business to hire employees from other countries and/or make investments abroad
  • An opportunity for your company/business to increase its market base in other regions of the globe
  • An opportunity for your company to establish ties with multicultural communities, (goals, mission, market)
  • A chance for limited English proficiency customers that form a good chunk of your company’s client base to interact more comfortably with a website written in their own native language.

Additionally, not everyone speaks English, so you will certainly realize a huge benefit by offering localized information to support international customers/potential customers.

Foreign markets are sometimes unpredictable, especially in certain times of the year, so being prepared is a good strategy. For example: many markets can have spikes in interest due to a certain product and/or service that you can offer and therefore, give you an extra chance to reach new international customers.

Benefits of Translating and Localizing your Business into Another Market/Industry

Of course, there are many other motives to translate/localize your website into other languages, and this is not the definitive list. However, there are enough examples of great benefits for hiring a reliable website translation and localization service provider for your business/company.

Even if you still do not have customers that speak other languages yet, there are many industries that still can benefit from website localization services such as Scientific Research Industry, Entertainment and Gaming Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Market Research Industry, Legal Industry, Human Resources (HR) Industry, Educational Institutions & eLearning Industry, Finance Industry, Travel and Tourism Industry, E-Commerce Industry etc.

These are industries that can, with the right website translation and localization strategy and planning, easily expand to new markets and reach customers eager to use their services and/or products.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can also reach partners and investors with the use of the right website translation and localization services, and therefore, create confidence and good will throughout your company. Recent research shows that people are more inclined to visit sites when they are in their own language.

This will result in visitors spending more time on your website (reduced bounce rates) and increased consumer confidence, which will, in turn, result in more traffic to your website, more revenue, and ultimately, worldwide reach!

The types of websites that can benefit from language translation and localization services are amongst, but not limited to: Travel & Tourism, Portfolio or Blogs, Cryptocurrency, IT & SaaS, eCommerce, News and Media, B2B & B2C, eLearning.

Other benefits of hiring the right translation and localization service provider are: overcoming the competition in your sector/actuation field; Reaping SEO benefits, differentiating yourself from other competitors, expanding your brand’s reach, increasing your profit and website traffic, complying with regulations, delivering high quality customer experience, increasing your international sales, and many more.

Clients are much more prone to choose the offerings of your competitor when you do not have digital experiences which are culturally relevant.

Some Statistics to Help You Decide if Translating and Localizing Your Website is The Right Choice

Some Statistics to Help You Decide if Translating and Localizing your Website is the Right Choice

  • 6 billion internet users in the world (and growing)
  • There is a huge potential in getting clients from any part of the globe
  • 4 billion internet users are from non-English speaking countries (which makes translating and localizing your website into another language even more attractive)
  • 4% of global consumers only use the language in which they are native to browse and/or make online purchases
  • 55% of global consumers opt to purchase items/products only from websites in their native language
  • 2% of global consumers consider obtaining information in their native language more important than the price of the services they acquire

So, another great benefit of having your website translated and localized to other languages is that over half of the internet users only buy from websites in their own language, rather than seeking the best price, discount, or deal/offer. This point alone is already sufficient to have your website translated/localized to as many languages as possible, and reap the rewards, no matter what industry your business belongs to.

Any company or business trying to localize its website need to set them apart from the competition, and therefore, also need to translate several types of documents such as Press Releases, Legal Advice, and anything else requiring large announcements.

With many years of experience in the translation and localization industry, we also translate and localize websites with large client bases and in popular sectors such as:

  • Law Firms
  • Large International Firms
  • Game Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Healthcare Firms
  • Hospital and Clinic Systems
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Market Research Firms

In Our Process of Translating and Localizing a Website, We Include the Following:

Process of Translating and Localizing a Website

  • Adaptation of Pictures to the Audience
  • Localization Testing and QA
  • Localization of Layout and Site Navigation
  • Localization Engineering
  • Translation of Website Content
  • Adaptation of Colors to Cultures
  • Analysis of Website Localization
  • Localization of Symbols

Prior to translating and localizing your website, you must determine what is the purpose to translate it and who you are trying to reach.

Also, how many languages do you want to translate your website into?

What type of tone should be used, formal or informal?

How many pages and words will be translated?

No website translation and localization strategies and planning should forget to determine the answer to these questions as early as possible.

Upon expressing your desire to have your website translated/localized by contacting us and sending a request for quotation, we will consider all these aspects and provide you with an accurate and fair quote, along with a reasonable timeline to fulfill your order, as well as other details to make the translation/localization process of your website as smooth, flawless, and hassle-free as possible.

What Are the Differences Between Website Translation/Localization and Standard Translation?

Not all translation and localization solution providers can handle website translations very well, mainly because of the technical complexities. Some examples are:

  • Online business fast pace
  • The complexity of ecosystems of platforms and contributors
  • Dynamic material based on JSON, HTML, Javascript
  • Consumer requirements such as content that is new, shareable, and interactive

Another thing to consider is the cost to translate site online, which is higher than the traditional translation services.

A Few Other Challenges Are:

  • Consistency of the brand considering the language or the multiple languages that your website will be translated into
  • Due to the diverse variations in both linguistic and cultural aspects in language or dialect. If you are not bilingual, then it is outside the scope of your language skills
  • You will need the right solution to attend your website translation and localization needs, always keeping in mind the changes in your website over time
  • Only skilled translators which are expert in translating into their native languages and with proven website translation experience should undertake such task

Website Translation vs. Website Localization – Is There Any Difference?

Is There Any Difference Between Website Translation Vs. Website Localization

  • Website translation basically means that the content of the website will be changed from the original language into the target language, while preserving as much accuracy, style, and tone as possible from the source text. Generally, the translation will strictly adhere to the source text and message. Some cultural preferences of the readers may be absent during the process.
  • Website localization is more specialized in nature. All web content elements will be adapted, and these may include local or regional applications, buttons, user interface items etc. It is also based on modifying, besides the language, the cultural and linguistic preferences of the target customers in the area that a product/brand is going to be sold. Language dialects are also considered when localizing a website, that is, the target region or country. It may include localization of cultural preferences such as icons, graphics, images, shapes, colors, sizes, and styles; Societal values, relationships, and beliefs; Societal codes, i.e.: myths and symbols, etiquette, rituals, humor.

Why is Important to Choose the Right Website Translation and Localization Provider for Your Website?

You must consider that nowadays, not only search engines like Google, but also other less known search engines are getting increasingly smarter, that is why choosing the right translation and localization solution for your website is of utmost importance. Therefore, if the translation quality of your website is not good enough, i.e.: you used a provider that did not meet the expectation and/or was not well-prepared to undertake the task, you run the risk of having your website penalized in the search engines due to bad quality content.

By bad quality, we mean using website translation providers using dubious machine translation engines, low-skilled translators and/or translators which are not native in the language they translate into. All these can make search engines give lower ranks to your website when comparing with those of your competitors.

Some Important Things to Consider When Making Sure That Your Website is Ready to be Translated/Localized:

  • Your content is ready for translation and is relevant
  • Your content is final and do not need any last-minute change
  • Watch out for details such as word count and character count on both source and target languages, as elements such as buttons, images etc., may need adjustments
  • Prior to beginning the translation process, make sure to furnish clear/concise instructions so that the professional that will translate your website can know what are your preferences

Translation and Localization of Your Website – Acquire Expert Help Today

Expert Webste Translation and Localization Solutions

A personalized online experience in their native language is expected by the majority of internet users in global economy nowadays. Additionally, customers are presented with a wider array of choices, like never seen before.

Translating and localizing your website is an important step in planning the growth of your business and it should be treated with less priority. You don’t need to wait more to make the right decision toward achieving all your localization objectives.

To adequately translate and localize your website you need to plan accordingly, and therefore, a team of professional, native translators with domain subject matter expertise will do wonders for the success of your website representing your business/industry.

We at Accurate Translation Services will help you to choose the right strategy and proper planning that will prove to be the most beneficial choice for your online venture for many years to come.

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